13 January 2023
flat roof carport

3 Reasons to Install a Carport in Your Home

What are the advantages of a Carport? Firstly a carport is a good alternative to a garage. It can add value to your property. It’s a […]
21 October 2022
christmas bbq

Host an Aussie Outdoor Christmas at your Home

Hosting an amazing Aussie Outdoor Christmas Australia is a wonderful place. Being a multicultural society we have many different traditions that have been blended and adapted […]
14 October 2022

What Else Can a Carport be Used for?

Primary Carport Use In this post we look at 10 Ways to Use a Carport. As the name suggests, a carport is a place to port […]
19 August 2022
carport party

Decorating a Carport for a Party

The last few years have changed not just everyday life, but also the way special occasions are celebrated. With quarantine, isolation and limited visitor numbers celebrating […]
20 May 2022
catio cat patio

Turn your Patio into a Catio – the purrfect enclosure for your feline friends

Cats Love Fresh Outdoor Air and Sunshine? Do you have cats and/or kittens and you would like them to have some outside time in a safe […]
15 May 2022
Pergola pool lights

How To Prepare Your Patio Area For Winter

Winter in South East Queensland …. okay we may not get as cold as the southern states, but it can still be a tad chilly for […]
30 March 2022
child friendly patio

Making Your Patio Area Child Friendly

If you have young children, toddlers, babies or one on the way then you should look at making your patio area child friendly. Most new parents […]
27 February 2022
SE Queensland patio makes home desirable

How a patio can make your Queensland home more desirable

South East Queensland is a tourist mecca, travellers flock to our area to enjoy all it has to offer.  We are blessed to call this slice […]
30 January 2022
front patio or porch

Front Patio Ideas

What is a front patio? Generally, patios are constructed directly at the back of the home that allows you to step out directly onto your patio. […]
15 January 2022
gable patio

Gable Patio Ideas

Firstly, what exactly is a gable patio? A gable patio is a patio with a gable or pitched, triangular shaped roof. The structure can either be […]
13 December 2021
Flat Patio-roofing-over-deck-Diamond Patios Brisbane

Flat Patio Roof Ideas

Firstly, what is a flat patio roof? A flat patio roof is just that – a patio with a flat, horizontal roof. It can be a […]
13 December 2021
Enclosed Patio Ideas Brisbane SE QLD - Diamond Patios

Enclosed Patio Ideas

What is an enclosed patio?  An enclosed patio is an extension of the house. It usually has some type of patio area that is closed off […]
9 October 2021
Patio Roof over deck Brisbane

Covered BBQ Patio Area Ideas

The great Aussie BBQ can be even better … Nothing brings us together like a good ol’ barbie, a backyard game of cricket and a few […]
9 September 2021
outdoor covered area

Outdoor Covered Area Ideas

Outdoor Living made better … Queenslander’s spend a lot of time outdoors, and why wouldn’t we. As the state tag line goes “Beautiful one day, Perfect […]
25 November 2020
Pergola pool lights

Pergola Lighting Ideas

Why does my Pergola need lighting? Pergolas are an extension of the living space of your home.  As darkness falls, you still want to be able to […]
22 November 2020

Open Carport Ideas

What exactly is an Open Carport? A open carport is a covered structure with a roof that is open on all sides and in most cases […]
16 November 2020
Small Carport Design Ideas Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

Detached Carport Ideas

What makes a Detached Carport different from a general Carport? With a detached carport the structure is covered with a roof, but it is detached from […]
21 October 2020
Pergola Screen Ideas Brisbane, Gold Coast & SE QLD

Pergola Screen Ideas

Why do I need screening for my Pergola? There are basically two types of screens for a pergola or patio. The first is decorative screens.  Decorative […]