Porch Roof

1 February 2024
Best Barbecue for Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen in Brisbane

Choosing the Perfect Barbecue for Your Outdoor Patio Kitchen

One of the most luxurious additions a Brisbane garden can be upgraded with is an outdoor patio kitchen, promising a harmonious blend of culinary delights and […]
30 January 2022
front patio or porch

Front Patio Ideas

What is a front patio? Generally, patios are constructed directly at the back of the home that allows you to step out directly onto your patio. […]
13 December 2021
Flat Patio-roofing-over-deck-Diamond Patios Brisbane

Flat Patio Roof Ideas

Firstly, what is a flat patio roof? A flat patio roof is just that – a patio with a flat, horizontal roof. It can be a […]