Looking for a more traditional style roof with the warmth and character of timber rafters?

Pergolas, Verandahs, Arbors & Gazebos

Looking for a more traditional style roof with the warmth and character of timber beams and rafters?

At Diamond Patios we have pergola specialist licensed carpenters as part of our team to build your Queenslander style roof or Verandah with the ageless classic corrugated roofing sheets.


What exactly are Pergolas, Verandahs, Arbors and Gazebos?

Click on the sections below for a description and benefits of each.

Pool Pergola Design Ideas Brisbane, GOld Coast Sunshine Coast : Contemporary Gazebo

A Pergola is defined as a structure in the garden that forms either a promenade (walkway) or a seating area.  The construction is from vertical posts supporting rafters, cross beams and/or open lattice.  The word derives from Latin “Pergula” which translates to projecting eave. Plants can be trained to climb and grow over Pergolas to cover the structure which provides dappled shade, or a roof can be added to give weather protection.  They are designed to connect the home to the garden.  It can add a wow factor to your home and set it apart from the neighbours. As well as providing extra space for plants and flowers to grow, it also gives weather protection from the outside elements and can obscure unsightly views.

Freestanding Pergolas are often called Gazebos.  These make a great area to entertain, socialise, relax or just chill out. A Gazebo can also be a great place to set up the BBQ or outdoor kitchen, being outside and open air means that the smoke can escape whilst the roof gives shelter. A Gazebo adds a great photography location to the home, perfect for all those special occasions – weddings, engagements, graduation, school formal, birthday parties, baby showers, christenings, etc.

A Verandah is the roofed area that runs parallel alongside the outside of the house on the ground level.  Shelter is provided outdoors regardless of weather conditions. A Verandah will enhance the look and increase the home value.  It is a great versatile space that can be used for outside entertaining and extending the living space of the home.

An Arbor is a framework (with or without lattice) that is covered with climbing plants and vines. It offers dappled shelter from the elements.  Jasmine, rambling roses, honeysuckle and clematis are some of the more popular perennial climbers, and do not need a lot of work to grow in the direction you want to cover the Arbor.  Apart from looking beautiful, the fragrance is amazing.

At Diamond Patios we are happy to discuss all options with you including pergola maintenance.  The traditional style roof with the character and warmth of exposed timber rafters and beams suits many Queensland homes.

To get started give us a call 1800 335 464, or email or click on our quote calculator below to the right or top right.  We would love to discuss your Pergola, Gazebo, Verandah and Arbor needs.