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Build your dream patio roof with Diamond Patios today. To get an estimate of how much your dream patio roof costs, use our easy online quote system. It can issue you with an estimate to build a patio roof within seconds.

Our patio roof cost estimator is easy to use – simply fill in your details, such as the size of patio roof you require in meters and your contact details.

Please note: This patio roof calculator is an estimate only – variations such as specific materials, site location/slope etc all have weighting on the final cost.

Adding a Patio Roof Increases Usable Space


Brisbane patio roof
Diamond Patios creates dream patio roofs that make a huge difference to our client’s lifestyles. But the question is “How Much Does a Patio Roof Cost” and can I afford it?

Our Patio Roof Cost Calculator is easy to use and gives you an estimate in a few simple steps.

All you need to do is fill in the form with the required information such as the size of the patio roof in meters. Then if you want insulation or a non-insulated roof. Finally, your contact details so we can send the quote to you.

Please note: This calculator will only give you an estimate for your patio roof cost – variations such as specific steel or timber posts, site location/heights, the shape of the patio, etc can all impact the final cost to build your patio roof.

Contact us to get a fixed price patio roofing quote that is more specific than what you can get with the calculator. A quote that takes all your unique factors into account. Also ask about our finance options that might enable you to install a patio roof faster than you thought. In the meantime take a look at our galleries of patio roofs, carports and pergolas.