Flyover Insulated Patio Roofs

Elevate Your Alfresco Lifestyle with an Insulated Flyover Patio Roof by Diamond Patios in Brisbane

What is an Insulated Flyover Roof?

Experience a luxurious outdoor upgrade with Diamond Patios’ insulated flyover roofs. These contemporary roof designs extend from your home, offering increased space, headroom, and a stylish aesthetic. This customisable patio roof option adds a touch of luxury, reducing noise levels and creating an expansive feel even in smaller homes.

The ‘flyover’ design overlaps your house’s roof, providing elevated ceilings, better ventilation, and comfort on hot Brisbane days. Waterproof and insulated, it ensures usability in all weather, even during rare cold spells. It’s no wonder this option is rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners seeking to transform their outdoor living experience.


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A well-made patio’s beauty lies in its ability to remove any gap between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. At Diamond Patios, we offer insulated flyover patio roofs that do this seamlessly, crafting only the best, most stunning designs for your home. Say goodbye to conventional, outdated patio roofs that lack style and don’t integrate seamlessly with your indoor areas. When you step from your indoor living area to your patio, you’ll feel the incredible ambience of a calming indoor/outdoor space. 

Neither aesthetics nor functionality are inhibited when you choose a flyover patio roof with Diamond Patios Brisbane. All electrical wiring is cleverly hidden within channels in the insulated roofing panels, so you can have stunning downlights and fans without any clutter. The ceiling can look just like the one inside your home, enhancing the indoor/outdoor living experience. 

All homes are different, reflecting the style of their environment, the charm of their suburb, and the signature of their owner. At Diamond Patios Brisbane, we personalise each part of the insulated flyover patio roof to seamlessly blend into your house as if it were always there. From the colour of the panels to the style of the gutters, you get to decide the look and feel of your new patio. 

Whether you only have a small spot down the side of your house, or a large backyard area to turn into a big entertaining space, we can create the versatile patio of your dreams. Insulated flyover patio roofs also come in three different thickness options: 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm. This means that you can choose the best style and level of insulation for you, and if you have a low ceiling, a smaller thickness can mean a raised look. 

One of the major advantages of choosing an insulated flyover patio roof is that the insulation increases the energy efficiency of the space, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This significantly reduces the need for fans or heaters. Your patio becomes a haven to enjoy in any weather, without breaking the bank on energy bills.

How is a flyover roof built?

Our insulated panels are very strong, which means they can span quite large spaces (up to eight metres) without needing much support. Because extra posts aren’t needed to hold it up, the roof is installed relatively simply, while guaranteeing it will last for many years to come.

We have two methods for lifting the roof above the house’s roof to create the flyover effect. Our systems meet Australian standards and can stand even cyclonic weather conditions:

  1. Extenda brackets or SHS posts: Protruding through the roof’s surface, these attach to the house framework. Rubber Dektite flashings create a water seal that’s fully leak-proof.
  2. Fascia riser brackets: Rather than fix to the roof’s surface, these brackets fix to the side of the roof rafter, protruding through the fascia (under the gutter). 



R Value (m2K/W) at 14°C Mean Temp
50 mm Panel 1.27 @ 1.48
75 mm Panel 1.91 @ 2.11
100mm Panel 2.54 @ 2.75

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A roof that lives up to your dreams

There are so many customisation options when it comes to your flyover insulated patio roof that you’re sure to achieve the outdoor space you envision. We offer styles such as corrugated and flat tops, and can even colour match to your house’s existing roof.

Architectural aesthetics are important for a home, and we always make this a priority, ensuring you get the patio you long for. The underside of the roof has a smooth matte finish that makes the transition from within your home to the patio seamless. We even make sure to carefully select all accessories, such as fixtures and guttering, so everything matches your home rather than looks like a thoughtless add-on. 

From the modern finish to the extra headroom, a flyover roof is a beautiful style that’s becoming increasingly popular.

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