Attached Insulated Patio Roofs

Craft the Outdoor Area of Your Dreams with an Attached Flyover Patio Roof by Diamond Patios Brisbane

What’s an Attached Insulated Roof?

If you’re ready to start building the perfect patio for your home’s outdoor space, Diamond Patios Brisbane are excited to introduce the attached insulated roof. 

Our insulated roofs have several layers of material to keep your outdoor space’s temperature maintained and to reduce noise, ensuring it always feels like an oasis. 

When our insulated panels are ‘attached’, they’re secured to your roof on 1-3 sides. This means the roof 8extends from your existing roof and has an extra-sturdy foundation, looking like it was always meant to be part of your beautiful home. 

Our experts can’t wait to help you build the patio of your dreams!


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An attached insulated roof allows you to step outside without braving the elements, enjoying fresh air in your own personal haven that feels more like an extra room on your house than a separate add-on. At Diamond Patios Brisbane, we craft only the most stunning, high-quality patio roofs that will allow you to increase your home’s value and have the ideal look for you. Flow is so important in a household, and we take that seriously, which is why it’s vital to us that your patio roof feels like a natural extension.

We know that finding the balance between beauty and functionality is paramount for your perfect patio, and we don’t compromise on either at Diamond Patios Brisbane. This is why our roofs can have wiring fed through them for visually wire-free power sources. Stunning downlights, mood lighting, smart lights, and more are accessible with your attached insulated patio roof. You can even add fans for an extra cooling method, without any wiring clutter. 

Diamond Patios Brisbane knows and understands the intricacies of each home: they’re all unique, and deserve to be treated as such. Your attached insulated patio roof will be personalised to ensure it perfectly blends into your home while being a stunning standout feature. The top side of the roof can be made of several materials and colours to make it look like part of your original roof (we can even colour-match!). The underside of the roof has a clean finish that can look just like the ceiling of your home, ensuring a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Outdoor entertaining is a staple of Queensland culture, every weekend and every holiday of the year. Picture relaxing afternoons in your cosy patio, Christmas and Easter barbecues with the family, and summer days enjoying the shade under your poolside haven. This new usable space becomes the versatile area – both exciting and comforting – that your home was always missing.

The power of an insulated patio roof is its ability to, of course, insulate! Keeping your space cooler in summer and warmer in winter means you won’t be spending so much money on heaters and air-conditioners, which are high energy consumers with significant environmental impacts. Your patio should be your oasis year-round and in all weather conditions.

How do Insulated Roof Panels Function?

The insulated patio roof is a smart, modern upgrade from traditional patio roofs.

Two skins of metal — a roof side and ceiling side — ‘sandwich’ the insulation within. Imagine the type of insulation used for a fridge. It’s just like that! This significantly reduces the ability for heat to permeate through to your patio.

Both corrugated and classic sheet options are available, and they come in three thicknesses so you can choose the level of insulation you want (50mm, 75mm, 100mm). You might also choose a smaller thickness if you want to increase ceiling space. Because of the sturdiness and thickness of these panels, they can span 5100mm-7200mm without additional support.



  • R Value (m2K/W) at 14°C Mean Temp
  • 50 mm Panel 1.27 @ 1.48
  • 75 mm Panel 1.91 @ 2.11
  • 100 mm Panel 2.54 @ 2.75


Single skin roofs, the alternative option, are cheaper while remaining stylish. However, our Brisbane clients tend to prefer insulated panels to help protect themselves from summer heat.

Insulated porch roof
Insulated Roofing
Patio roof updrage

Your Ideal Patio Roof is Only a Call Away

At Diamond Patios, we love making people’s outdoor dreams come true, which is why we offer so many personalisation options and work with you closely to achieve the perfect look.

Here are some of the customisation options that come with our attached insulated patio roofs:

  • Choice of a Corrugated or Flat Roof
  • Choice of colour for roof and ceiling
  • Selection of fixtures and gutters
  • Ability to add lighting and fans


Want to know what your patio roof will cost?

Click here to use our cost calculator and get an estimate, or contact us for an onsite measure and quote!

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