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We Have Your Deck Roof Solution

If you have an uncovered deck contact Diamond Patios Brisbane outdoor roof specialists. We have extensive experience in designing and installing attractive and functional patio, porch and deck roofs.

Disadvantages of no outdoor deck cover:-


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Without a roof over an existing deck, you will need to undertake a great deal more maintenance to protect your deck. This means extra cost and time, which many of us are short of these days.  Not having a deck roof means you will need to more frequently sand, oil or stain your deck flooring and the timber railings.  Timber decks not cared for will weather and rot over time and eventually, the damage (not only very dangerous) will mean you may need to replace or deck or at least replace some timber boards, posts, railings and even supports.

Sun Damaged furniture

Any furniture or other items that you have on your uncovered existing deck will also deteriorate much faster being exposed to the damaging rays of the Brisbane sun as well as from rain and the humidity during the summer months. Furniture coverings will fade and may develop mould or mildew.  Wicker and timber furniture will warp and split.  Your bbq will most likely develop rust.  All of this again means additional costs.

Advantages of a Deck Roof

  • Insulated Patio Roofing BrisbaneWith an outdoor deck cover, you can extend your living area, often a deck is even larger than the indoor lounge!
  • With the temperate Brisbane winters, you can extend your indoor-outdoor living with the addition of heating, electric or gas or both.
  • Having a deck roof presents the opportunity for outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, decorative lights and even a television!
  • A timber deck can be further enclosed (temporary or more permanent) at the sides with the likes of shutters, blinds, fabric or plastic screen. There are many different options available at different price points so there is something that will suit you and your deck.  Having the option to further protect your deck by screening it in protects your deck furniture and other items from the wind as well as the damaging UV rays plus rainy days.  Enclosing one or more sides of your deck can also be a boon if you need privacy from neighbours or the street for example.  A deck with a roof and some form of side enclosures really extends your outdoor living, brings the outdoors indoors and almost year-round in Brisbane.

Deck Roof Ideas

Popular Stylish Flyover Deck Roof Covers

The most common and most affordable deck roof is a flat roof, but now with the introduction of flyover roofs not only are flat roofs affordable but they can be extremely stylish if installed at an angle and raised above the deck as shown in the image below.  As for all our deck roof options, we also match the gutter, poles and accessories to your existing deck and home design so that when installed your deck and deck roof becomes an extension rather than an addition to your home.


Flat or Skillion Deck Roofs – Double Skin Insulated Roof Panels

The traditional flat deck roof is as noted, the most affordable deck cover.  But even flat deck roofs can with a little further investment be insulated which in summer means a cooler deck as the insulated double panel reflects the sun rays.  In winter the insulated deck roof panels do the opposite, they keep the heat in creating a far more cosy and comfortable space to entertain, relax or dine in.  The insulated deck roof panels are also strong and have a wide span which means minimising the number of posts that are required giving you a less obstructed view and larger more functional deck area.  The undersides of the insulated panels are flat creating a modern attractive deck ceiling.

insulated deck roofFlat Deck Roofs – Single Skin

Even the traditional single skin flat roofs are now far more attractive and provide a modern clean design, are functional and durable and with Diamond Patios (as for all our roof options) come with a 15 years manufacturer’s warranty and a 15 years workmanship warranty.

Outdoor Patio Roofing Brisbane with merbau posts

Deck Roofs with Diamond Patios

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Next steps

The team at Diamond Patios have extensive experience in the design and installation of deck roofs of various types.  We also take care of any council or building applications if they are required.

We have a simple process during which we keep your informed all the way.  First, we start with the design where we listen to your ideas, visit your home and then present to you the different options available and the different levels of cost each involved.

Please contact Diamond Patios today and we will answer any questions you may have and schedule a time to come to your home for an obligation free quote and design option discussion.